Re-homing Dogs & Cats

Re-homing Dogs

The Society re-homes a number of dogs each year. We take a small number of abandoned dogs, some may have been involved in road traffic accidents, who undergo rehabilitation in our care. They are either fostered or kennelled by the society, health checked and neutered. We then advertise for new homes. These homes are visited by our volunteers prior to homing the dog.

We also assist people in difficult circumstances find homes for their own pets. Many people have had to leave family homes and move into apartments (where pets are not allowed). We advertise, carry out home checks and put people in touch with potential new owners

Neutering Cats and Re-homing Feral Cats and Kittens

A great deal of our time in the Society is spent trapping and neutering feral cats and finding homes for tame cats and kittens. A high percentage of calls to our Helpline, especially in the Summer months, involve feral cats and their kittens. It would be impossible for us to respond to all such calls. We have a small number of voluntary people and limited resources. Having said that, we prioritize calls from people who are willing to feed the cat, once she has been neutered and returned. Young kittens of feral cats can be tamed fairly easily, if handled patiently at an early age.

To talk to us about our Cats and Dogs for Rehoming please Contact Us