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Department of Agriculture

The Society acknowledges receipt of an Animal Welfare Grant from the Department of Agriculture of 32,000 Euro in December 2021. This was greatly appreciated.

Department of Agriculture

The Society acknowledges receipt of an ex gratia payment from the Department of Agriculture of 27,000 Euro for 2020. This was especially appreciated during this period as the Society’s Clinic had to close for over two months because of the Corona Virus.

The Annual Church Gate Collection

Published 16th July 2019

The annual Drumcondra Church Gate Collection took place outside Corpus Christi on Sunday, July 14th.

The sun shone, the GAA followers were up for the matches in Croke Park and all was well with the world!

Pictured from left to right below are:

Alice Heary, Roisin Dixon (with Chopper in arms), Eithne O’Brien, and Beverley Maughan . They were joined by two cheerful Dog Lovers (who just happened to be passing), complete with their lovely dogs!

Not included in the picture were Mary Kelly, Deirdre Colgan and Anne O’Byrne who carried out the Collection on Saturday evening

Well done to all concerned!

Drumcondra Children Raise Funds for Animal Clinic

Published 14th September 2018

On the Saturday before the Football final in From a Park, a group of local children in Drumcondra decided to spend the day baking cookies, cupcakes and other delicious treats.

On Sunday morning, as the crowds were gathering for the match, they set up their Stall on Iona Road and worked tirelessly throughout the day selling their goodies to the hungry match-goers.

They raised a total of 200 Euro!

On Monday last, they came to our Voluntary Veterinary Clinic at 124a Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin, opposite the Skylon Hotel and they handed their hard-earned money to the delighted staff. The children had learned of our Clinic when their Labrador/ Retriever “Buddy” was neutered there.

Pictured – left to right – are sisters Mia and Ella Hall (aged 6 and 11 years) and their good friend – Mandeep Maguire (aged 11 years). The girl’s brother Mikey Hall (aged 10 years) was also involved in the marathon baking but was unable to come to the Clinic on Monday. Accepting the Donation is our Veterinary Surgeon Teresa Mendez (Photographer: Roisin Dixon – Veterinary Nurse).

Well Done and Thank You from the Society on Behalf of the Animals!


The Society relies on donations from the public through the following Annual Fundraising Activities

  • Ladies Mini Marathon
  • Drumcondra Church Gate Collection
  • Howth Collections
  • Superquinn Collection – Sutton
  • Christmas Postal Appeal
  • Regular Subscribers


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The Society acknowledges receipt of an annual Ex Gratia Payment of 25,000 Euro from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine towards our work in 2016, 2017 and 2018. This payment is greatly appreciated and is put to good use in our efforts to Help the Animals.

Pedigree Chum have made sizeable donations of dog and cat food to the organisation, from time to time, to help feed the animals in our care.

You can Help the Society By:

  • Fostering an animal awaiting homing
  • Giving a permanent home to an abandoned dog or cat or a kitten
  • Giving a Regular Donation
  • Agreeing to set up a Standing Order of as little as 10 Euro per month
  • Helping at any of our Annual Fundraising Events

Contact us for more information on how to get involved or donate.

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